Phoenix painting by Penny Warden

One of the Phoenix set
of paintings by Penny Warden in a travelling exhibition to Cathedrals around the country,


 a charitable trust (registered charity number 2882582)

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Under our Trust Deed we are empowered to apply the income or capital of the Trust Fund:

  • for the advancement of the Christian faith
  • for the encouragement, promotion and development of public appreciation in those arts which are essentially consistent with the Christian faith and have as their primary purpose the propagation of Christian truths and ideals.

Since its inception in 1981 the Christian Arts Trust has supported over sixty professional projects in the fields of the performing and visual arts.

Our policy is to offer help at an early stage in order to give encouragement and to help projects "get off the ground".

Initiatives we have been able to help in this way have included:

  • tours by theatre, dance and mime groups
  • concerts and recitals
  • video production
  • exhibitions of painting and sculpture
  • "creative conferences" of Christian artists



from the play 'Blude Red' PATRONS
The Archbishop of Canterbury

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

The Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster

The Free Churches Moderator

Photo above
from the play
Blude Red
by the Cutting Edge
Theatre Company

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